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Regina Panetti


Licensed Massage Therapist
Yoga Instructor- RYT 200

Certified Usui Reiki Level 2 

(518) 536-6956

About Me

From my first-ever therapeutic massage I received, I knew "this is what I want to do!" Shorty thereafter, I made the career change from nursing to enrolling in the Massage Therapy Program at North Country Community College in 2011. Yogic aspects of body awareness, the importance of breathing and movement, and compassionate positive regard for others were integral components within our program. My foundational massage training is in Swedish technique, orthopedic, prenatal, hot stone massage, and reflexology, as well as introductory study in Eastern modalities such as Thai and Shiatsu massage. I am of the belief that there is a strong body-mind-spirit connection, and I do my best to help my clients find their own balance. This applies whether I'm conducting massage therapy sessions or yoga classes. I would describe my personal style of work as being very integrative; Each session/class is tailored to meet the needs of the client, based upon intuition and my knowledge of physiology and indicated techniques. Since becoming NYS licensed in Massage Therapy in 2014, I've enjoyed facilitating my clients' discovery of therapeutic massage as a mode of connection and healing.  I have kept my yoga practice private since being introduced to yoga in 2011. This was until recently, when I decided to pursue my certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher. I completed my vinyasa yoga teacher training with Driftwood Yoga in Clayton, NY in the Summer of 2019.  For me, it has been the synergy of bodywork, physical movement, mindfulness, breath awareness, and meditation which has facilitated a profound change in my own life. Teachers and bodywork professionals I choose to learn from also possess a holistic perspective in regard to human health. If this philosophy sounds compatible with your own perspective and values, then I believe we could accomplish wonderful things and I'd love to work with you!


Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage
30 minutes    $55
60 minutes   $85
90 minutes    $110

Regina's signature work integrates a blend of techniques and modalities to meet  her clients' individual needs. It is possible that a client's session may include any of the following: Breath work, guided meditation, massage applications ranging in pressure from light to deep, trigger point or myofascial work, and passive or active stretching. This work promotes the cornerstone benefits of massage: Decreased muscle tension and fascial restriction patterns, relief from the effects of stress and pain, enhanced circulation, improved range of motion, and a sense of overall wellbeing and relaxation.

Foot Reflexology

 30 minutes    $55
60 minutes    $85

Based upon the belief that points on the hands and feet correlate to specific areas of the body, the therapist manipulates these points as a way to indirectly treat the rest of the body. This beautifully relaxing treatment is non-invasive, yet highly effective in bringing balance and an overall sense of wellbeing. This type of massage is particularly good for clients who are unable to receive touch to the other parts of their bodies, or who are otherwise uncomfortable with full-body massage.

Portrait of yoga trainer teaching modern yoga exercise to her student by performing Triang

Private Yoga Instruction
(Single session)

 45 minutes   $65

Regina's study in vinyasa yoga, Thomas Hanna somatics, energy work, meditation, breath work, and nearly a decade of experience as a massage therapist come together in a way to truly customize her skills to meet the needs of her clients. This offer can be a stand-alone service, or as a combined add-on to other services. The private coaching session would be conducted first, followed by the passive massage or energy work session.

Hot stone back massage

Hot Stone Massage
 60 minutes     $100
90 minutes     $130

Smooth stones are heated, oiled, and applied to the body in long gliding strokes to create the "melting" sensation of this modality is adored for. The added heat and weight of the stones amplifies the effects of the massage session.  *For this reason, hot stone work may be contraindicated for those who are pregnant or those with inflammatory or cardiovascular conditions. If either situation applies to you, please consult with the therapist before booking your appointment.*

Reiki Treatment

45 minutes    $65
75 minutes    $90

Regina has been formally trained in Usui Reiki Level 2. Reiki practitioners  are attuned in how to sense energetic flow and implement the healing energy originating from the great source of highest power/ God energy. Within this modality, either hands-on or hands-free, the practitioner engages and assists with promoting optimal flow of the life force energy which exists within each of us.  ​ " The profound relaxation produced by Reiki has been anecdotally reported to alleviate anxiety and stress, the perception of pain, and to promote a feeling of psychospiritual well-being." ~International Journal of Palliative Nursing

Bath Salts

Ionic Foot Bath
30 minutes     $25
with Shoulder Massage    $50


An ionic foot detox can help your body eliminate toxins and free radicals that find their way into your system through food, beauty products, and the environment. The system ionizes water molecules into positive and negative ions. These ions attract and neutralize toxins and heavy metals of the opposite charge by pulling these contaminants out through your feet.

Image by freestocks

Pregnancy Massage
 30 minutes    $55
60 minutes    $85
90 minutes    $110

What a way to rejoice in the wonder of this transformative process! You can feel safe receiving bodywork from a therapist specially trained in this modality, and who possesses her Advanced Certification in prenatal massage.  Regular massage during pregnancy and the postpartum period has been proven to have many benefits. Experiencing positive therapeutic touch is one of the best methods for relieving the physical discomforts of pregnancy. During this time of so many changes, massage therapy is shown to aid in coping with stress and fatigue, learning self-care techniques, preparing for labor, and connecting with the life developing within.

Teenager getting Shiatsu massage from Shiatsu masseuse.jpg

East/West Massage Blend
90 minutes    $125
120 minutes    $165

During Thai Massage, the client lies passively on a mat and the practitioner brings the client into recumbent or seated versions of yogic poses. This stretches & promotes optimal energetic flow through the energetic meridians of the body. The passive mobilizations impact the soft tissues around the muscles and joints in a positive way as well.Regina's approach isn't as vigorous as many traditional Thai sessions. Her technique is overall gentle/non forceful, and the intensity of the stretches is never intended to go beyond the client's comfort threshold. Within a session, the client can expect to spend the first portion of the session receiving work on the mat on the floor. Loose, flexible clothing may be worn for this portion. Then for the second portion of the session, the therapist rounds out the treatment with some targeted Swedish-based techniques on the massage table. This combination of Eastern floor work and Western table work gains the benefits of both full body mobilizations and targeted therapeutic methods, resulting in a glowing sense of wellbeing and full body relaxation.

Salts Massage

Body Scrub Treatment
60 minutes $85

Say goodbye to dull, dry skin and hello to skin that's smooth and refreshed! Indulge your senses during this exfoliating treatment with your choice of our aromatic salt or sugar scrub options. Once the scrub is complete and you have rinsed the exfoliant off in a brief shower, a light massage is incorporated with an ultra moisturizing cream to leave you feeling nourished from head to toe.

Treatment Enhancements

Hydrocollator Moist Heat Packs,Medical equipment for physical therapy.jpg

Moist Heat Therapy    $10


Hydrocollator packs increase blood flow by enlarging blood vessels below the surface relaxing the tissue, ease the sensation of pain, and stimulating the healing process. Additionally, the weight of the gel-filled packs across the body commonly has a sedating effect of the sympathetic nervous system. Hydrocollator packs are more effective for treating pain than electrical pads because moist heat relaxes muscles and nerves without drawing up moisture from the skin, so the affected area stays hydrated – this is important for a faster healing process. *Intense heat application is contraindicated for those with certain cardiovascular conditions. Please consult with the therapist prior to scheduling your service to determine if this is a safe option for you.

Pedicured Feet

Exfoliating Foot Scrub    $15
with Hot Stones    $25


Hot steamy towels wrap the feet to cleanse, soften and relax, then the option of an invigorating sugar or salt exfoliation treatment is applied. Once the exfoliant is removed, enjoy a focused massage with moisturizing cream.

Detail of a woman therapist hands giving cupping treatment on back. .jpg

Cupping     $10


Silicone suction cups are applied in a dynamic gliding fashion as a means of invigorating lymphatic & blood circulation, and loosening connective tissue. Whereas clients are used to pressure applied to the tissues by the  therapists hands, the sensation of cupping is equally satisfying, but with a "lifting away" feeling from the negative pressure created.


Salt Massage

A 30 minute ionic foot bath with shoulder and scalp massage, followed by a full body exfoliating scrub. The detoxifying benefits of the foot bath, plus the all-over polishing & moisturizing of the body scrub leave you with the ultimate sense of refreshed relaxation!

Refresh Inside & Out
90 minutes     $125


Yoga Class

Yoga & Massage
105 minutes    $140
135 minutes    $160

The addition of an active movement session & stretching to the benefits of a massage has a synergistic effect. Let's create fluidity in the tissues and energy of the body through intentional movement! Some "homework" asanas/movements may be assigned as a means of encouraging progress toward improved flexibility, balance, strength, and self awareness. Whether the yoga instruction takes place before or after the massage session depends upon the needs of the individual. 30-45 minutes will be spent on yoga instruction with the remaining time spent receiving massage.


Sole Nourishment
100 minutes     $140


This package is all about extending special care to the feet: aspects of our being which serve us day in and day out. A half hour ionic foot bath treatment with shoulder and scalp massage allows for head-to-toe relaxation during the detoxifying process. Following the foot bath, enjoy a one hour reflexology session. An exfoliating foot scrub treatment with the addition of hot stones to your lower leg & foot massage is included with this package.

Soft Skin

Body Scrub & Massage
120 minutes     $160


This package was designed for those who wish to enjoy the exfoliating body scrub treatment with a one hour extension to the massage portion of the treatment. By the end of your session, you'll feel thoroughly relaxed, with silky-soft skin from head to toe.

Energy Healing

Reiki & Massage
75 minutes     $100


Sometimes our path to healing calls for addressing the needs of our physical body, and hands-on massage techniques are indicated. Other times there is a need for a higher degree of focus on our energetic body. This combination of reiki and massage allows for a blend of both modalities. Typically the session is half reiki & half massage, but client needs may vary.

Practicing Yoga

Private Yoga Instruction
30 minutes (4)     $165
30 minutes (6)     $240
45 minutes (4)     $22
45 minutes (6)     $325


Regina's study in vinyasa yoga, Thomas Hanna somatics, energy work, meditation, breath work, and nearly a decade of experience as a massage therapist come together in a way to truly customize her knowledge to meet the needs of her clients. If interested in small group instruction up to 5 people, please contact Regina to discuss options.

I went to Regina with lower back pain and a desperate need for relaxation! I left with less pain and a very wonderful experience. Reginas calming voice paired with her professional and inviting studio made for a great massage. I will definitely be back!

                                         ~Alissa C.

Regina was very welcoming and made the experience very comfortable. She has a very calming personality which makes relaxing easy. Regina asks questions to make sure she knows what exactly you want to get out of your experience. I would highly recommend her services!

                                                    ~Keegan D.

Regina's massage encompasses everything I desire in a session. Compassion, healing energy, humor, and a reminder of why I found myself in the same field of work! One of the finest therapists around!

                                     ~Lisa C.

Regina is amazing. Very professional, knowledgeable and a very comfortable atmosphere.

                                                  ~Linda H.

I have always had a terrific massage experience and I’m grateful our community has Regina.


Regina is amazing.She is very intuitive, and her skills are remarkable. I have greater range of motion and I’m no longer in pain.


Over the past 25 years I have received both massage therapy (with at least 10 different MTs) and physical therapy for a variety of muscular-skeletal problems, as well as for general relaxation. Regina is the most effective LMT I have encountered. She combines technical skill and knowledge with a gentle persona that simply elicits a wonderful state of relaxation in her clients. I have been particularly impressed by her ability to vary and modify her treatments for me as our work together evolved. Regina often researched specific issues, then tailored her therapy to my specific needs. I always look forward to our sessions, and invariably benefited both in the moment, and for a considerable time after my MT. I highly endorse Regina as a highly skilled, competent, and especially caring LMT.                                           ~Peter G.

I was quite nervous going in, but was almost immediately put at ease! It was a BEAUTIFUL experience and can't wait for my next one!!


I love our weekly yoga class at the new studio! I also loved my ionic foot bath, my feet felt so light & I slept so well!

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